The Universe & Law of Attraction

We talk about space and the news of water on Mars then transition over to a very in depth discussion on the universe and the law of attraction. We also touch on other things but you have to listen on to find out! Alex comes back to co-host since Mike is busy with his musical venture.

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Intro by El Pablo

One Reply to “The Universe & Law of Attraction”

  1. Guys you were amazing, i loved the ideas you were discussing, and you kept my interest level high,so keep it up,
    However i have some recommendations to hopefully advance the podcasts done in the future.
    1st thing: you guys said some information that is slightly not true and there was some wrong tongue slips ” Twin Flames not Twin mates” ” Gas planet….Venus Uranus Jupiter….” there are only 6 guesses left…” Jupiter’s moons, Io constant on fire planet or moon, and then you have Europa the white planet its all frozen” tongue slips are pretty funny i have to admit, but it is way more professional to have a laptop next to you and check the information you plan to say on google before you say it, so that these slips don’t irritate educated people….but it had me crack up, so either way good job,
    2nd thing : the conversation jumped from mars to outer space, to law of attraction, to soul mates, to horoscopes, to…. its good, to keep people entertained but it would be also more professional if it was all tied to one subject
    3rd thing : just enjoy and stay awesome!!

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