The Miss Universe Mix-up

In this Episode we try something different. We discuss 8 topics overall including: the miss universe mixup, coffee addictions, new years resolutions, star wars, attention span and popcorn lung. Please let us know if you like these types of episodes. We are still trying to get the hang of this!

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The CHCH Bankruptcy

We give our thoughts on the news that our local TV station CHCH has declared bankruptcy and fired over 140 full time employees (with no severance pay) and cut 75% of there programming. We discuss how this affects out community and share memories growing up watching CHCH. We also give a big thank you to all the CHCH employees that have done such a great job over the years! Hope you enjoy!

Toronto Uber Taxi Protest

We give our thoughts and opinions on the recent Uber protest that happened in Toronto last week. Taxi drivers lined the streets and blocked roads in an attempt to protest the new ride sharing program called Uber. We discuss some of the moments that give our opinion on the whole ordeal. We do not in any way think all Taxi drivers are bad, we hope we did not communicate that. We do support ride sharing programs like Uber as well as taxi’s. It is up to the consumer to decide what is best for them.


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Mentally Abusive Relationships

We talk about psychological/emotional/mental abusive relationships (romantic and life relationships). We try to understand why people are the way they are in those situations and share experiences we have had on the matter. We also give tips on how to handle being in a such a situation.

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The Universe & Law of Attraction

We talk about space and the news of water on Mars then transition over to a very in depth discussion on the universe and the law of attraction. We also touch on other things but you have to listen on to find out! Alex comes back to co-host since Mike is busy with his musical venture.

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