America VS Canada

Our cousin Frank Pistone and his accented girlfriend Amy Coleman join the podcast and discuss how things are in Canada compared to how things are in America. Different currency, different metric system, different lingo and many other thought provoking subjects are discussed.

Music by G◌rgeous

Remembering MSN & Myspace

For this past episode we decided to do an unplanned random discussion. Mike Didionisio and his girlfriend Sam talk about a bunch of various topics from remembering the days of MSN & Myspace to jumping in front of cars. We also do Mario Kart impersonations and sing old TV show openings, in some ways it turned out to be a good one.

Music by G◌rgeous

90’s cartoons. Gotta watch ‘em all!

In this nostalgia filled episode, Mike Didioniso and Sean Dowd-Taylor talk about trading cards they used to collect and cartoons they used to watch while growing up in the 90’s. In this older recording they share details about a cartoon series they are currently working on that involves cats. Copyright infringement not intended.
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